Best Ecommerce Websites: 5 Winning Designs

E-commerce or online marketing has been on the rise over the past decade or so. In 2020, the usage of online marketing or e-commerce sites was at an all-time high. Since the pandemic, many businesses have resolved online marketing to reach their customers and look for new customers. Since the lockdown of many, if not all, countries worldwide, people have begun spending their days at home, which means people have bought things online and from e-commerce sites.

eCommerce Website

Ecommerce is short for electronic commerce, and commerce is the buying and selling of goods or services. Simply put, e-commerce uses the Internet as the buying and selling medium. With the development of technology and digitalization of almost every process known to human beings, people can use the Internet to do almost everything they want, from buying products to booking trips to purchasing tickets to a concert or even attending classes. There is nothing technology cannot do for a person.

Process of eCommerce

E-commerce is straightforward; people must log in to the website they want. Wthe process is the same whether they need clothes, a pair of shoes, or a new carpet. Search for the item, click on it, and add it to the cart; from there, the person can choose to check out or continue shopping. Another thing to remember at this point is to specify the amount or quantity of the product.

After checking out, there is the choice of where the product should be dropped off. It can be delivered to where the person lives or at the nearest delivery post. Please note that having a doorstep delivery will be more costly than the customer picking it up at the office. Payment is next; with online buying, people can pay for tons of washer goods. From PayPal to bank cards, there is something for everyone. When paying, the delivery fee is included; this is the last step in eCommerce Marketing. The next step is to wait for the package, which could take a few hours or days.

Once the package arrives, the buyer must present identification and sign for the package. If another person picks up the order for the buyer, they also need to give their information.

Although eCommerce is similar, there are differences in designs, and here is a list of the best methods by eCommerce websites.

New chapter

The new chapter is an eCommerce website ranked first as the best design. For an eCommerce site to be one of the best, it should meet a specific criterion, and New Chapter has completed and checked all the boxes. One of the aspects is user experience; the graphics are very interactive and easy to use.


Bliss has taken a different approach, making it a top contender for an eCommerce site’s best design. The site has embraced a lot of color and interactivity. The youthful appearance of the site has worked out. Their eCommerce Marketing skills are out of this world.

Cross rope

The site is also top-rated in design, with colorful graphics. The site is used for selling jump robes and embracing fitness in all aspects. The site has increased the drive for fitness among people.


Skullcandy uses colors to attract people to the site. The site is big on music and anything pop culture. Their most prominent clients are the youth and big music producers.


Azteca is a big sports attire website, with its most extensive clientele being sports fanatics. The website sells jerseys and sports equipment and is a very interactive site.


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