Election2019 is a social media conflict, too


Who is triumphing (hashtag)election2019 in the social media wars?

Well on the quit of week one of the campaign, Labor leader Bill Shorten is getting plenty of likes on Facebook, however Prime minister Scott Morrison is (hashtag)blessed with the most engagement on Instagram.

The social media systems have released insights from the primary week of campaigning, revealing what is getting Australians speaking.

Mr Shorten got the most engagement on Facebook, accompanied by way of Scott Morrison and One Nation chief Pauline Hanson.

Over on Instagram though the top politicians based on engagement were Mr Morrison, accompanied through Mr Shorten, then freshly-retired former overseas minister Julie Bishop, deputy Labor chief Tanya Plibersek after which former top minister Tony Abbott completes the top five.

Some of the most buzzed-about content on the photo-sharing app is while the pollies get non-public which include a snap of Mr Morrison whipping up breakfast for his kids.


But what were voters speaking about?

The Adani coal mine turned into a dominant communication on Facebook, in conjunction with exchange deals with China and Indonesia, even as homelessness, welfare and the fee of dwelling additionally cracked the maximum-talked about troubles at the platform.

Across each Facebook and Instagram, the lead hashtags had been (hashtag)climatechange and (hashtag)stopadani on surroundings-associated posts, even as the union-led (hashtag)changetherules marketing campaign and the prime minister’s nickname (hashtag)scomo were a number of the most popular standard tags.