Using Redirects Can Impact Google AdWords Quality Score

If you have recently undergone a URL shape change or recently modified to HTTPS, ensure that you are also solving the destination URLs on your Google AdWords advertisements.

It got here up in a tweet particularly about HTTPS, with Jon Diorio of AdWords advising advertisers to make sure if they have switched to HTTPS, they replace their landing page URLs with HTTPS for the websites that have changed to relaxed in anticipation of Google Chrome exchange with a purpose to mark all non-HTTPS pages as not comfy.

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Diorio additionally says that redirects can also affect your first-class rating for the touchdown pages as nicely because it delays the time it takes for the web page to load as redirects are processed, particularly on websites that might be on already gradual servers.

The usage of 301/302 redirects slows matters down and can impact your Landing Page Experience rating (study: #QualityScore)

So, if you have currently modified URLs for swapping to HTTPS or other motives, ensure you have run an audit for your AdWords commercials to ensure that the real touchdown pages are the suitable URLs and are now not redirected ones.


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