Google Search Direct Search Results Start Rolling Out on Mobile, Hide Web Results for Certain Queries

Google Search now gets direct seek outcomes on the cell for certain phrases on each Android and iOS. The feature has been silently rolled out through Google, and users already see it in their search outcomes. The tech large has decided to hide all search outcomes, from below its personal solution to specific queries. Instead, Google offers a “Show all effects” link at the bottom of the same consequences page. The tech massive says that this practice web page is proven simplest when it has high self-assurance – in the main, while the consequences are absolute.

Direct search outcomes on Google Search aren’t new to the platform. In March, this 12 months, Google Search began showing solutions for positive queries without displaying the Web seek results. However, this selection was soon eliminated, citing problems with accuracy. Google has now long gone beforehand and formally rolled out direct effects widely.

In an assertion to Search Engine Land, Google confirmed the development. “As always, our goal with search is to assist humans in quickly locating the most relevant facts. For queries where we’ve got extremely high confidence that a consumer is seeking a calculation, unit conversion, or local time, we can show a single end result to enhance load time on the cell. Since our preliminary experiment in February, we labored to put off ads and improve the triggering pleasant for this revel to ensure we’re serving users what they may be looking for. We can nevertheless provide the option to tap to additional peer results.”

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We have independently confirmed that Google Search indeed indicates the handiest solutions for queries like “time in India”, conversions like “1 kg to lbs”, and maths problems like “5+five”. An extra tab is shown below the answer, which helps you to add a query of your preference to allow online publishers to get back to you with a solution.

The Search Engine Land report notes that some query consequences have been slightly tweaked. For instance, if you search for the phrase “time in big apple,” – it will display all pinnacle results, considering some customers are probably trying to look for The New York Times portal.


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