Grey, Social Media Week companion to remedy not unusual convention trouble

Conferences are usually packed with insightful sessions, research, and keynote speeches; however, the content material tends to be lost when they’re over. And what about those folks who can’t attend and need to learn from the occasion?

Grey and Social Media Week have teamed up to deal with those issues, ensuring that the insights from SMW meetings will be captured and carried on long after the events give up.

“We have large synergy with Grey round a trouble we understand: How do we capture and synthesize these statistics and insights and capture this content – from the increase to event to real-time to the recap – and attain humans on the platforms they’re conducting, like Instagram and LinkedIn,” stated Toby Daniels, govt director of SMW.

Through the partnership, Grey has become the global marquee sponsor of Social Media Week New York, Los Angeles, and London.

Grey Worldwide Chief Innovation Officer Dan Bennett told Campaign US that the partnership makes experience for the enterprise as it’s within the spirit of its 75 percent dedication to creativity, which means 75 percent of each dollar is going closer to the innovative product or paintings for clients.

SMW Insider - Social Media Week


“We need to take this content material [from SMW] and use it as an extremely good strength,” said Bennett.

The content on SMW’s platform, consisting of videos, podcasts, and more, could be unfastened to get entry to.

“Our target market is more youthful than other traditional conferences. Our demo is the millennial marketer, and we trust they’re the most important demo to put money into, so we want them to use our sources to assist them whether or not they can attend,” said Daniels.

Grey can even hold classes during Social Media Week NYC and LA, which includes one called “Social Media Was Supposed to Be Fun,” which allows you to be the first public preview of its research titled The Famously Effective Business of Fun.


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