How B2B Video Marketing Is Creatively Engaging Audiences

Video content is becoming fundamentally significant to how brands interact with customers online. According to Cisco, a hefty 82 percent of world net traffic—each commercial enterprise and purchaser—may be video-based with the aid 2022 (it already clocked in at seventy-five percent in 2017).

Time is of the essence for marketers hoping to impact B2B video advertising in this unexpectedly evolving panorama. For manufacturers looking to seize this moment—and get off on the proper foot at the same time as doing so—here are a few examples of the first-class B2B video content available today, along with a few clever strategies for B2B entrepreneurs to rent while utilizing video in their very own content.

Why B2B Video Is Already Essential to Your Marketing Strategy
Although a few marketers might imagine video as an unexpected medium that’s daunting and high-priced, tape already performs a large function in the B2B advertising method. It’s a medium that few marketers can have enough money to disregard to any extent further.

According to the 2019 State of IT file by Spiceworks, 50 percent of agencies plan to create movies to support emblem cognizance this year, even as 52 percent plan to install video for product education and consciousness. B2B tech brands especially benefit from video’s capability to speak complex ideas to potential buyers.

Marketers have ample options for creatively leveraging B2B video. Brands are already seeing achievement with LinkedIn video campaigns, how-to videos, searchable video content material, consumer-generated content, and stay video events. And because many social media channels now help video, marketers can, without problems, extend the effectiveness of their video content by employing their online audiences—and securing a nice bump in engagement and location site visitors within the method.

Here are a few examples of how B2B video advertising can shine well.

How Automattic and WordPress.Com Inspire Audiences with Video
What does the first-rate B2B video content material look like, and what are some signs and symptoms of a properly crafted B2B video method? Automattic, a well-known B2B logo in the web development area, gives us some fantastic examples. This enterprise is chargeable for WordPress.Com, Jetpack, and WooCommerce, platforms loaded with vital equipment to help budding marketers create compelling websites and digital storefronts. Automattic uses video to inspire and uplift customers of these websites to message that anything is feasible with the right mindset and equipment.

The 14 Types of B2B Marketing Videos Your Company Needs to Be Creating

In its recent WordPress.Com campaign, “Build a Website That Can,” viewers are encouraged to interact in blue-sky wondering, imagining what they might reap if there were no limits. One lady says she’d run for mayor of her hometown at the same time as any other female muses that she’d open her personal health studio. Then, we’re spirited into the sky for a hen’s-eye view of such a dream city, which morphs into a diorama, with human beings and objects performing ever so tiny. Here, WordPress.Com indulges in a bit of humor, supplying us with a hypothetical entrepreneur who—now not for evil purposes, we are confident—simply wants to make all of us surely, surely small.

The message is apparent: You can do something (nicely, almost something) with WordPress.Com, so why no longer attain for the sky? This is, of direction, a pitch-best sentiment for a target audience of solo marketers and small enterprise owners who’ve been nurturing a dream that they may not but have introduced to lifestyles. Not only can they avail themselves of the right equipment for the process with WordPress.Com, as this video shows? However, they could tap into a network of like-minded innovators for creative proposals to power their development.

Since many artists and creatives host their websites on, the employer can similarly receive this message of boundless possibility by sharing motion pictures of their customers’ hit tasks. One video clip WordPress recently shared on Twitter showcases an artist’s sand creations, which rejoices our herbal global splendor and emphasizes protecting our Earth. Another video depicts a civic-minded girl named Hilde, who commenced her neighborhood newspaper to cover vital activities in her city.

Both motion pictures are tagged with the hashtag #PoweredByWordPress, reinforcing that WordPress performed a huge function in making those creative tasks possible. Notably, these videos are also infused with values that WordPress.Com wants to be related to—optimism, creativity, entrepreneurship, and community—which can be additionally featured inside the B2B emblem’s weblog posts.

These motion pictures are emotionally enticing and strike the proper tone for the early tiers of the customer’s journey while building emblem consciousness is a priority.

How Abbott Educates and Engages Audiences with Video
Abbott, an international healthcare organization that develops and manufactures various medical merchandise and solutions, also creatively uses video to teach and engage audiences.

For example, Abbott has tapped a video to show viewers how its dorsal root ganglion (DRG) era has innovated pain management for those with complex nearby ache syndrome in their lower limbs. With roughly one in 10 American adults experiencing persistent aches, in keeping with The Washington Post, Abbott’s technological advancement may want to beautify the best of existence for many people.


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