How to locate and join Mobile Nation indicates within the Podcasts app

We love podcasts here at iMore! We find them informative, beautiful, exciting, and even interesting occasionally, depending on what you listen to. But did you recognize that we’ve got an entire slew of indicates here at the Mobile Nations circle of relatives?

That’s proper; whether or not you want your weekly fix of Apple or you’re interested in diving into the world of Android, Windows, or CrackBerry (BlackBerry), we’ve got your back! We have a variety of podcast shows here at Mobile Nations, and we will help you discover and enroll in them.

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How to manually look for our suggests
How do we discover the direct links to our suggests
How to create a station for all of the MoNa indicates

How to manually search for our suggestions and subscribe

Apple’s Podcasts app (and every different third-party podcast app) uses a listing of podcast listings that will help you browse and discover shows. Everything may be looked for with the hunting feature if you can’t find it simultaneously as browsing.

Launch Podcasts.
Navigate to the Search section.
Tap on the search input discipline.
Type your search phrases, like “or,” “Android Central,” “Windows Central,” “CrackBerry,” or “CordCutters.”
Make positive All Podcasts is selected because Your Library will most effectively look for what you’ve got right now.
Once the proper consequences pop up, the faucet is on display, and you need to view it.

Tap on the Subscribe button.

How to discover the direct links to our shows

If you would instead have the direct links to all of our indicates, do not worry! We’ve rounded them all up for you here, so you can subscribe directly with the hyperlinks or copy & paste them in:

iMore Show
Android Central Podcast
Windows Central Podcast
The CordCutters Podcast
CrackBerry Podcast

Those should take you to the first podcast web page for every website (the exception is CrackBerry), wherein you could subscribe through RSS, iTunes, and higher.
How to create a station for all of the MoNa shows.

Now that you’ve subscribed to all the Mobile Nations suggestions you need, why no longer organize them into a station?

Launch the Podcasts app.
Go straight to your Library.
Tap the Edit button in the top-right nook.
Select New Station.
Call your New Station, such as “Mona” or “Mobile Nations shows.”

Click on Save.

Once you create a station, you can tweak the station settings. This consists of deciding what podcasts go into the station, sorting order, grouping episodes via podcast, the simplest having unplayed episodes, and more significant. Don’t omit our how-to guide on growing stations for extra information.


We have a few fantastic contents in our indicates; do not worry! They’re genuinely well worth paying attention to if you love tech podcasts.

Need more assistance with the Podcasts app? Drop us a line here, and we will do our best to help you!


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