Mind-boggling blogging

IT was once said you would have been nobody if you didn’t have your own internet website. You haven’t made it in case you don’t have a weblog.

Guilty as charged, mud. Though in fairness, the standard blogger is notably shorter inside the teeth than this creator, has been recognized to lower back over a cliff while taking a selfie for a blog post, and constantly posts snapshots of these days’ state-of-the-art meals, perish the idea.

Yet here’s the 2019 revelation: masses of bloggers out there earn a cozy €20,000 or more for every musing they put up.

That it’s a courageous new international, which the older among us don’t quite get, is illustrated by a simple statistic: the arena’s main bloggers earn more, infinitely extra than the sector’s main CEOs.

How did that appear, and had we been searching some other place when it did?

For the much less tech-savvy, ‘weblog’ is a contraction of ‘internet-log’: a regularly updated internet site or web page, generally one run by a character or small institution, written in an informal or conversational style. It is like a newspaper column, bloggers can earn thousands per weblog, even if this one might purchase breakfast.

Blogging advanced in the 1990s from postings on the early bulletin forums and boards. Written in the style of online diaries, the (marketing) income generated with the aid of the most famous can now be breathtaking.

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A year ago, the Huffington Post blog came pulling in more than €12 million a month, TechCrunch €2.5 million, and poor vintage Perez Hilton a trifling €500,000. At the lowest of the dimensions, Englishman Gerard Fletcher blogged regularly in mind-numbing elements about the buses in his local direction. To his wonder and possibly everybody else’s, his blog got 500 followers.

Even cats are in on the act. Internet superstar,, Grumpy Cat from Arizona has more than thirteen million followers and was worth a predicted €88 million by the closing time I appeared. That’s plenty of Whiskas.

Strike the right chord with your blog, and you may graduate to becoming an ‘influencer’ – someone whose ‘fans’ will rush out to buy certainly any product you are paid to sell.

Get 30,000 followers, and corporations will pay you up to €1,000 consistent with a post to push a beauty product. When TV reality megastar Kylie Jenner endorses cosmetics, she trousers over €1 million. A week.

This makes the folks still plugging away doggedly in print marvel if, like the sweet younger aspect who stated intercourse became a pain within the neck, the response is: ‘You’re doing it wrong.’

It’s a blog’s existence.

Why wouldn’t you start your very own weblog? The obstacles are simpler than moving into print: none. You only want a laptop, free software, and something to say. Though that’s non-compulsory, judging by the vacuous fine of so many blogs accessible.

WordPress is utilizing some of the arena’s most-used and unfastened website advent devices, with nearly a hundred million users. However, Blogger and semi-social-network Tumblr are highly popular.

All provide free website hosting (the technical infrastructure needed to get and preserve your phrases of wisdom online), but severe bloggers pay for their domain names.

Then simply write your coronary heart out, press Publish, and await the response. Or no longer – given that there are ‘handiest’ an estimated eighty million new blogs published monthly. Perhaps don’t keep your breath.


I have been working in the field of SEO and content marketing since 2014. I have worked with over 500 clients and more than 100 websites. I started blogging in 2012 and have now made my first steps into the world of freelancing. In my spare time, I like to read, cook or listen to music.